14. Fusion of Deep Learning Features with Facial Landmarks for Pain Detection

150 150 Techna Symposium

Ahmed Ashraf, Azin Asgarian, Shun Zhao, Erin Browne, Ken Prkachin, Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, Babak Taati Pain is under-detected in people with…

13. Composite Recurrent Neural Network Model for Dynamic Fall risk Prediction 

150 150 Techna Symposium

Elham Dolatabadi, Twinkle Arora, Andrea Iaboni, and Babak Taati Falls are common and lethal in people with dementia. However, current…

12. Predicting Agitation and Aggression in People Living with Dementia 

150 150 Techna Symposium

Shehroz S. Khan 1, Bing Ye 2, Kristine Newman 3, Andrea Iaboni 1,2, Alex Mihailidis 1,2 1 Toronto Rehabilitation Institute,…

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